As told by Marci Peterson



We are the Peterson Family, Andrew, a husband and father, Marci, a wife and mother, and our son Conrad, just under three years old. Our family experienced an ordeal that no one should ever endure. My husband Andy, a Navy SEAL of 20 years, retired after his participation in the Jessica Lynch Mission. He wanted more time with his family after so many years of travel. My father, a great husband, father and friend was traveling with Andrew in route to their long awaited hunting trip approximately 250 miles east of our home, when an oncoming vehicle and trailer spun out of control totally engulfing their vehicle and leaving our beloved men shattered and on death’s door. Andrew escaped instant death with God’s grace and his own mental and physical strength while multitudes of hospital staff gave their valiant efforts. His extensive Navy SEAL training played a key role in the battle for his life.


Because of the incredible outreach and support of our Navy SEAL comrades, Andy was able to fuel his own sense of empowerment to endure through the challenges of recovery. In return, we and others want to give back to this community of dedicated people with gratitude through the Andrew J. Peterson Foundation, a 501(c) 3 public charity that provides to the families of deployed or fallen Navy SEALS educational and scholarship opportunities. We recognize and honor their extreme sacrifices. Additionally, we commend the incredible hospital staff that provided 35 days of surgical care and hospitalization by contributing funds to help in research and provide for new equipment. After the 972 pages of procedures, we were grateful to be moving forward.


Andy is still recovering from his extensive injuries: lacerated liver, perforated bowels, punctured lungs, compound fracture right tibia right fibula, broken right knee and ankle, head injuries and stroke. My father, 65 years young, is recovering after enduring the 1½ hour pinning at the scene and an ambulance ride that challenged him for 3½ hours while feeding his body 9½ pints of life saving blood. Later, he endured an emergency spleen removal (the spleen is the organ that aids with helping your immune system) and spent many days in the Shock Trauma unit and ICU following the accident."


We continue to beat all the odds with proper exercise, nutrition and productivity. I remain positive that Andy will make the best recovery and beyond due to his hard work, dedication and determination. We have always been thankful for everything in this life and now, along with others, truly want to give back to those within our communities. With your support, the Andrew J Peterson Foundation will fulfull its missions.